Friday, September 24, 2010

The SmartGirl Pledge

Recently, we crafted a SmartGirl Pledge. We made it because we're opening up SmartGirl to a lot more discussion, adding comments everywhere and just really encouraging everyone to speak their minds. That being said, we still want SmartGirl to be a safe place where everyone can feel welcome. If we disagree on something, we want to be able to talk it out and learn something about each other and why we feel differently about the same thing.

So we wrote this pledge. Here's what we got so far:
  • I promise to keep an open mind and withhold judgment
  • I promise to learn more about other people's experiences and ideas
  • I promise to share my own opinions, even if someone will challenge them
  • I promise to ask for support when I need it
  • I promise to be supportive and encouraging when I can tell others need it
  • I promise to make my own decisions by being informed
  • I promise to take responsibility for the choices I've made and the future I'm making
What would you add to this pledge? What other promises would you make so that SmartGirl is the best that it can be?

SmartGirls Get Real

Hey Volunteers!

We're looking for some opinionated SmartGirls to write essays on important topics that today's girls care about. We'll publish them in a new article section called "SmartGirls Get Real."

The idea is to get girls talking about things they don't usually get to talk about with other girls who really care what they have to say. We'll all have our voices heard, our opinions challenged, and hopefully we'll learn something, too.

So. You've been in this world for a long time. What do you stay up late thinking about? Contact Boowee at with your SmartGirl Gets Real topic idea, and soon you might see your first or fake name as an author on our new blog!