Monday, March 29, 2010

I missed you, SmartGirls!

The weekend is finally over, and I admit that I really missed you all! I love checking my email when I get back in. It's especially fun now since I've met a lot more of you through the SmartGirl Peer Mentor program. Remember that anyone can email me at any time, just send your messages to I try to get back within 48 hours, but I'm out for the weekends Friday through Sunday.

We now have 9 official SmartGirl Peer Mentors answering questions every week. Plus, we have two SmartGirl Boy Mentors who will be making their debut in April, and a bonafide SmartGirl Mentor who is a graduate student at the University of Michigan who can help answer your health and body questions. Fun fun fun!

Also, people have been asking: WHEN ARE YOU ON THE CHATTERBOX? The answer is: MORNINGS. I'm on The Chatterbox off-and-on Monday through Thursday at all times, but I make sure that I'm at least on for a little bit in the mornings, so check The Chatterbox 9am-11am and you'll probably see me.

Check back soon when I will post screenshots of how our new design is coming along!