Thursday, April 8, 2010

SG Authors Got A Makeover

If you've been watching our Facebook feed, then you've probably seen post after post about the SmartGirl Author pages: "check out the new design!" "now look!" and "even more improved!"

Well, it's finally done... at least, as much as it will be for now. Here's a list of the changes:

  • Reading the chapters is more like a book, now. They're in paragraph format on a little yellowed page, about the right width.
  • You can flip between chapters "next" and "previous," plus there's a REALLY handy (really!) contents box on the right so that you can go directly to whichever chapter you want.
  • We installed Disqus so that you can leave comments on every single chapter AND have the thread emailed straight to your inbox in case someone replies! Oh, the convenience!
  • Installing Disqus also means we have the super handy (again with the handy!) "Recent Comments" box on the SG Authors main page. Now you don't have to flip through every story to see if there were comments. You can just know.
  • Done with your favorite story? Still want to read more? Now we've made it even easier to switch between authors by adding a little library of every story on SmartGirl below the Table of Contents. It's so easy!
Plus, we added in the pictures where they're supposed to go and spaced things out to look pretty.
Oh, and we finally connected the Short Stories and Real Life content.

And we made it easier to submit everything by putting a Submit button on every single page.

Aren't you happy?

... Are you NOT happy?

Anyway, now we can finally get around to responding to all your author applications. Hehehe...