Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SmartGirl Staff

There are a lot of bits and pieces to keeping up a website, especially one like this where so much of the content is submitted by the people who use the site.

Someone has to set up the form for the submissions.
Someone has to sort through the submissions and delete spam.
Someone has to proofread all the submissions and decide which ones to post and which ones not to post.
Someone has to format the submissions for the webpage and publish the page.

Then there are other staff who write content for the site, like SmartGirl Suggests and the SmartScopes.
There are staff who write the surveys and the survey reports.

And, of course, there's the staff who figures out how to pay for it all and what to do next!

How do we do it?

First and most important, we have lots of visitors who love SmartGirl and submit things to share with other visitors to the site. This is some of the best content on the site! So, thanks SmartGirls for sending in your submissions!

Secondly, we have lots of students from the University of Michigan who help out with the site. These are the people who are writing your surveys and survey reports, the staff reviews, and other content! They spend hours and hours going to class, and with their free time, they work to make SmartGirl better. We really couldn't  stay afloat without our volunteers!

Our latest volunteers are our SG Peer Mentors. For the past couple of weeks we have been submitting them questions to answer and compiling them all. Pretty soon we'll post it and have tons of new content! SmartGirls can submit all their questions and get responses a lot faster, and from people their own age who know what it's like. Plus there are still all the other ways to get advice, like the Issues posts and emailing me, Boowee, at admin@smartgirl.org.

Of course, that's the last person who contributes to the site: me, the administrator. I do whatever needs to get done, whatever is left over after in the end.

It's a really small staff, but we like what we do. Have you ever thought about running a business?